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We understand that buying a property can be a daunting process, but at Airborne Mortgage Solutions we’re here to help you with some useful guidance.

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The town of Hinckley dates back to Anglo-Saxon times and is therefore a traditional and cultural place to live. It has a long tradition of knitting – the first knitting machine was brought here in the 17th century and the town was responsible for much of Britain’s hosiery production. Hinckley is also an excellent place to buy a home because of its central location and beautiful countryside. 

First Time Buyer 

With Airborne Mortgages you’re not alone when buying a mortgage for the first time – that’s good since you want to make sure you get the mortgage deals and repayment plan that suits your individual circumstances. 

Airborne Mortgages will assign you to a mortgage specialist who will help you make the right choices and fill out any paperwork. 


Don’t think you can get a mortgage because of a historical credit card or a black mark on your credit file? There might be other options for you – a specialist mortgage is one of them. 

 Airborne Mortgages are a skilled trader when it comes to finding specialised mortgages for clients. Don’t limit yourself by thinking you don’t have options, you may be the ideal candidate for a broker. 

Buy to Let 

Buying a home and becoming a landlord can be an excellent small business opportunity that has grown in popularity recently, if this is something that appeals to you in Hinckley contact Airborne Mortgages. 

 It doesn’t matter if you’re new to property Mortgages for letting or if you’ve been in the business for some time, Airborne Mortgages can help with consultations and paperwork. 

Self Employed 

Often self-employed people struggle with getting a mortgage because of inconsistent patterns in their incomes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get one or aren’t suitable. 

 There are a few more hurdles with self Employed people. Unless you have an accountant you might need to manage, you might also need a special broker. Airborne Mortgages can help. 

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Covering Hinckley and it’s surrounding areas…


Taking out a mortgage does not mean that you have a fixed schedule from now until the mortgage term expires, on the contrary, you can remortgage for all kinds of reasons. 

Remortgaging is an excellent way to carry out home repairs, free up some cash for a special holiday or event, or have some green energy infrastructure installed. Airborne Mortgages can help. 

Lifetime Mortgages 

A lifetime mortgage is an excellent idea if you have no dependents and you don’t intend to leave the house to anyone after your death. Take a loan put against your mortgage that is repaid when the house is sold. 

Many people choose a Lifetime Mortgage in their middle or later years when they want to free up some cash for travel or adventure after they retire. 


If you’re thinking of buying a home to live in or to rent in the Midlands, the Hinckley is a good choice – it is both traditional and modern with lots of regeneration and growth happening. You can benefit from excellent transport links, leisure facilities, countryside, and animals.

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